Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Ready for the peanut!

In less than 3 months Haley will be a big sister, and I will be the mother to a wonderful baby boy. IT's crazy to think that if something were to happen and he were born today he would probably be ok. But much like the mom at the end of "The Business of Being Born" I would have almost nothing ready. It was nothing until about 2 weeks ago.

My sister got us a double stroller and just over a week ago we finally put it all together (which was easy, mostly just attaching wheels) Then Haley got to test it out.

Watching Daddy's handy work.

Trying the back seat. Which will not be her seat since she already really enjoys playing with the sunshade. I imagine a seat where she can't reach her little brother will make him much happier.

Checking out the reclined option. Nap time here we come.

This stroller, the Graco Quattro tour duo, is fully loaded. IT has cup holders for mom and both babies, a higher handle so even Zach can push it without a back ache. It's pretty easy to open and close. IT has 2 reclining seats, a giant storage basket with easy access and I'm sure there are more perks I'll discover when I'm actually using it to transport 2 little ones. The only downside is that it's really heavy, but I can look at it as a chance to work out when I lift it and it is a built in perk. (who needs a gym membership when you have 2 babies under 2)

It felt really good to do something for the new baby. (I don't have the matching car seat yet but I plan on getting it eventually, probably soon.) Other than that the peanut has a few new onesies, a big box of diapers (size 2s, so they won't fit for the first few months), 2 pacifiers, and some cute bibs.

Most of what the peanut needs will be hand me downs from his sister and from some friends, but it's fun to have a few things that are just for him. I know the nesting will kick in soon and I'll be dragging the bassinet, swing, bouncy seat, moby wrap, and bumbo out of storage. Not to mention going through all of Haley's clothes and pulling out all the neutrals that her brother can wear.

I'm sure I'll post more updates as I prepare for number 2, with lots of questions like is it worth getting another pack n play?

In the meantime I'm looking forward to doing some babysitting and taking a few test runs with the new stroller to get used to it before I have a newborn in tow.


Kara @ Just1Step said...

Yay for a double stroller! How exciting. :)

My name is Caroline said...

Super exciting! I cannot believe you are three months away! and I cannot believe it's a little boy! So stinkin exciting! I cannot wait to see him/meet him!

Lindsay said...

Oh how fun! It's amazing at what we get excited for with kids huh? ;-) I can't wait to get our double together!