Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back to Blogging!

So, It's been a while and I could try to catch you all up on everything that has been happening in the last 5 months, but that would be exhausting. So instead, here are some of my favorite photo worthy events from the past week.

When we got back to work this week Haley got 3 new books, some skates, and her first softball glove and ball. It's huge on her little hand, but she didn't seem to mind.

Her little skates fit over her boots. It was fun to watch her walk around in them. She doesn't really get that they can roll. But she does love having them on. As soon as her daddy took them off she brought them to me to but them back on her.

She loved her captive audience.

Haley loves to clean things. She will use rags, bibs, tissues, washcloths, anything she can get her hands on. She's very possessive of her cleaning tools. She loves using the broom and dust pan too.

Wiping things down.

Naked time!

Snuggling with Tristan

She loved his big hugs!

Playing in the swing her great grandpa made her.

She was having a blast!

Flying with all 4 wings on and a pretty tutu. This kid loves to play dress up.

She got all bundled up to go out in the snow. Her grandma made this snowsuit for her daddy and uncles. It's a little snug but I was glad that it still fits. Haley didn't really go anywhere while she was wearing it. She just stuck her fist in the snow and started eating.

I think she liked what she tasted.


My name is Caroline said...

Oh I love this! Vanessa, Haley looks so much older! It's unbelievable! So precious!

Victoria said...

What a cutie!!! Welcome back:)