Friday, April 16, 2010

Haley's first swim! and other little adventures

Since Zach and I just got a new job, we also got a jump in our income. So in addition to finally putting money back into savings, we are now able to afford a gym membership. I have been using guest passes and going with some friends on Sunday afternoons to work out and swim laps. I have also gone to a few classes.

I realize now how good I had it in college, when the classes and facilities were available to students at no additional charge. Why did I not take advantage of that gym more often.

It also made me realize how much more I push myself when I go workout in a class with friends. there's no pausing, and I have to push myself to keep up. I may be just a little bit competitive. ;) Also, lasses are fun, so they motivate me to go.

So, Zach went to check out the equipment and decided we would get a family membership. Then yesterday we dropped Haley off at the gym's childcare center, where she had a blast, and went to work out.

Tonight there was a family swim. We dressed Haley up in her little swimmers and headed to the pool. She had so much fun splashing around and flailing her arms and legs. But her favorite part was trying to eat the railing. I think we will definitely be frequenting the gym pool until the outdoor pool in town opens up for summer.

Haley's grandpa came with us too and he got a few great pictures of out little slippery fish. She kept sticking her face in the water and coming up stunned. It was adorable.

Today also had some other highlights.

We went to visit Haley's uncle Brennan who is through hiking the AT.

Haley had fun playing with Brennan and her Grandpa

But she loved Brennan's alarm clock most of all.

Since Haley has learned to stand herself up we had to lower her crib to it's lowest setting earlier this week. No more worrying about her toppling out.

She also rode in her old car seat for the last time today. Those little toes are really hanging over the edge. And the sun shade hits her in the head (although it probably doesn't help that it's broken). It's too bad that the limit for rear facing is one year, and not a certain height. According to the high chart at Target Haley is half way through the 12 month range.

Haley switched into her new convertible car seat. The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite; or more affectionately known as the "Thorne Throne" (from 5 -100 pounds, can't go wrong with that. )

After installing the car seat we took the box up to the house, emptied her new balls, and let her go to town in her personal ball pit. She loved it!

as you can see her first Thorne Throne experience was pretty traumatic... she was pretty exhausted from such a long and exciting day.

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