Thursday, April 15, 2010


Finally! Here are pictures from our week in Atlanta.

The trip down was a bit traumatic for Haley. This water bottle was her only comfort. (apparently having mommy in the back seat was not enough.

Checking out her meme
Aunt Christina fed her some peaches

And spent a lot of time playing with her.

Dressed for church on Sunday. The pajama and dress look is one of my personal favorites.

More peaches! Everyone gathered around to see her eat. It's amazing how much attention you can get for smearing food on our face when you're just a few months old.

Haley found a new friend!

Hanging out with Nana (my grandma)

I think Haley is a fan :)

Getting trained to low crawl by a real marine.

Working on her first painting. I think I see the words child prodigy in her future ;)

Hal luv Rob and Mag!

checking out the Olympics on her quilted living room floor.

Checking out the babies at babyland general. She blends right in!

Hanging out in the cabbage patch.

Watching the birth of a cabbage patch.
This ceremony of sorts was 30% Cute, 30% Ridiculous, 30% Hilarious, and 10% Weird

Haley loves her first dolls! Thanks Aunt Christina! Thanks Meme!

We went to Mrs. Joyce's house. Haley got a cute spring outfit, and some great bunny ears, and shades.
Mrs. Joyce is my godmother. kind of a third grandma. One of the most joyful and delightful ladies around. We used to love polishing silver at her house as kids.

Haley loves watching her singing and dancing clocks.

Then she got strapped into a portable booster seat for lunch.

We had a big dinner and several friends came to meet the bean. Drew and Leecee stayed the night. Haley loved watching Drew play his guitar and sing.

She also loved listening to stories from all of Ken's adventures. She got to hear about him eating ants and being on Jeopardy. Climbing to the base of everest and teaching me the fine art of the handshake.

We also had the chance to go see my friend perform in a sketch comedy show. It had me laughing over and over again. Especially when my wonderful husband was pulled on stage to dance. Haley was well behaved through out the entire show. She received several impressed compliments on our way to the car.

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