Friday, April 20, 2012

He is Risen

Here are some of my favorite moments from Palm Sunday through Easter. They are a bit out of order, but also adorable. Enjoy!

Bunny whiskers from the town egg hunt. Warning: Do not try to paint kids faces with a squirmy 11 month old on your back.

Haley in her party dress
Haley loves to go get Liam when he wakes up

Checking out the loot
Liam cruising with the ladies

Easter Basket

Finding Easter baskets with Daddy
Easter baskets
She liked her bunny
Hunting Eggs

Finding Treasures

Liam's loot

Family Photo
Haley and Liam sandwich

Hanging with (on) Daddy

Look who's standing!
Brother and Sister

Spring Flowers

Before the first Egg hunt of the season (Haley went to 3 and had one with the eggs she dyed)

Found one!

Interested in other things

Liam's first Egg

Crooked Tooth Grin

I told Haley to get in her car seat... helpful!
Bath Time

Making a palm branch
Experimenting with paint (he didn't really get it)

One more egg hunt
We planted tomatoes and radishes. (They didn't last long)

putting some big and little Eggs on "E" and "e"
Running in the rain

Dying Eggs

Aren't they beautiful

Finding Eggs


Haley and the "leader of the pack"

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw thanks for sharing pics. :) Love seeing your kids grow between visits together. :) Is Zach going to play Ring this year???