Saturday, August 13, 2011

Liam- 3 Months

My little 3 month old is a joy. 
He has an incredibly cheerie disposition. 
He loves to smile and laugh. Sometimes his laughs are soundless, sometime they are from the bells. Precious!
He still spits up constantly. But he usually smiles about it. 
He has wonderful head and arm strength. He is a fan of tummy time. He is an observer. 
Every so often he looks at you and widens his eye's. Heart melted!
He looks like his sister most of all. But also like a mini Zach. 
He crinkles his forehead old man style - I love it. 
He's not much of one for grabbing things, but he will reach for his animals on his bouncer, and pull out his binky (which he has gotten better at taking).
He is a chatterbox. He gets in moods where he will coo and ah-goo for as long as he can hold an audience. If you do it back to him it gets him laughing. (see above)
He has lost a few weight percentiles but is definitely growing. (He is now smaller than his baby friend who was born 3 weeks later and 2 pounds lighter to put it into perspective) Please don't be confused though, he is still a tall little chunk.
He loves to be held. Always! And I wear him a lot (but I would probably wear him more if he would stop spitting up down my shirt- yuck!)
He is very tolerant of being handled by his sister
He hardly ever complains. Unless he is gassy- that makes him mad. Also, he has the stinkiest farts of any baby on this side of the Mississippi. I don't know if that's official, but we'll just say it is. It would probably help if his regular pooping schedule was more than once a week. (apparently that can be normal for breast fed babies)
He is starting to sleep for longer stints at night. Starting usually between 11 and 12. Usually I get one 4-5 hour feeding break. After  after that he'll go right back to sleep after eating until his 2nd breakfast a around 9am. He also spits up less at night. 
But he makes up for it in the morning. With puking unseen since taking care of friends with low tolerances at high school parties. 

On another note. I miss my green chair. We put it in the basement while some friends stayed with us for the summer. But I miss taking pictures of my babies in the green chair in their bum genius diapers. Unfortunately was never able to get the smell all the way out. But I am feeling an itch to try again. And the chair will be back soon. (I just hate that I missed 2 months worth of pictures in it)


Caitlin said...

Adorable photos! That second shot is heart-melting, a framer for sure. Such a sweetie Liam seems to be!


Faith said...

ah he is so cute! That basketball is shrinking... We need to get together soon.

Lindsay said...

Happy 3 months!! He looks so long!!