Sunday, April 3, 2011

Big Sister Practice & Being Brave

Haley is very excited about being a big sister. She will give the baby kisses and point to my belly and say brother. I don't think she really understands what is coming, but she does love all the babies at church and she loves playing with her dolls.

When our new car seat arrived Haley decided to practice using it with her doll. (We'll just ignore the fact that she's upside down)

Haley especially loved moving the shade up and down. I think she will enjoy the simple tasks like that to be mommy;s little helper. She is very good at throwing away her diapers, a skill that will be useful for a brother who goes thorough several a day.

In preparation for being a big sister Haley is also working on being more brave. She is slowly becoming more willing to go down the slide by herself (especially if I'm not around. There's a slide at work that she will go down torpedo style- face first on her belly, but of course I have yet to see it.)

here haley crawled up to the arm of the couch. She sat there for a minute or two rocking and debating her next move. She even gave me looks like- mom, should I do it?

And then my sweet girl did a back flip right onto the couch. I was beautiful! I was so proud of my big girl. I'm excited to see what adventurous task she'll try next.

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