Friday, May 7, 2010

Road Trip II: Emily's House

When we left Bethan's we headed over to the O'dell's house for dinner. Emily cooked some great burgers and we all had fun watching the babies, chatting and taking loads of pictures.

Haley and Ruffy had a show down over the squid toy. They each won a few rounds.

Haley had fun sneaking up on her new friend Eero...
(I just love his little burp cloth)
Then Haley got to play with her Daddy in Emily's huge yard

She loves to fly

Elijah's blue eyes are gonna break hearts.

Zach broke the plant while moving a chair. It looks like a Magritte style painting.

Bethan and little E. What a beautiful mama.

And an adorable baby!

I love E's belly.

Haley was showing off the sippy cup she stole from E.

More belly! What a sweet little show off :)

Whitney lOVES babies! (you know, when they are happily sleeping)

I mean, what's not to love?

Fighting over Em's affection

Learning to play the piano. One of her new favorite pass times.

Whitney and the plumber baby.

little E in his PJs.

Haley checking out her Whitney- Whitney checking out her Haley.

Haley got a little distracted. But who wouldn't want to crawl around on the O'dells beautiful tile floor?

up next... St. Louis

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